CCC  advocates for the rights and caring for most vulnerable children, youth and women through community outreach, education support, skills development and  home care( Mathew 25:35-45)


A safe and just environment for the most vulnerable South Sudanese children, youth and women

Overall Objective

Advocating, caring, providing  for community outreach, supporting education, developing skills for most vulnerable children ,youth and women and CCC institutional capacity building. 


  1. Advocating for justice for children; in South Sudan against exploitation
  2. Providing residential care for vulnerable children in ICC
  3. Providing community outreach services to the communities on social problems affecting south Sudan
  4. Providing educational support to over 815 children at Interim Care Centre and Community
  5. Lobby Community groups to allocate land for CCC programmes
  6. To build capacity of CCC Staff in HR, Fundraising and finance departments