In the academic year of 2019, 797 children were registered in the education program across 25 schools from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. 25 focal points/teachers were selected in all the schools to support CCC in monitoring the beneficiaries in terms of identifying any case of drop out, poor performance or other incidents that can disrupt a child from school. This helped in preventing some of children from begging on the streets of Juba and girls from moving to the market to scavenge for food in the garbage. CCC Juba fully paid the tuition fees for all the three terms for the 797 children in 2019.

In 2019, CCC developed a project titled “ provision of Provision of school fees for vulnerable children from underserved communities in juba – south sudan, supported by confident children out of conflict (ccc)education program” CCC-UK approved a grant of £23,800 that partially paid the tuition fees in 2019 and CCC South Sudan got more funding of 28,046 US Dollars from Bahrain Maritime Mercantile International (BMMI) to cover up for the tuition fees shortage because the initial approved grant could not fully pay all the tuition fees for 797 children.

3 Children graduated from Kindergarten level to join primary school level- 1 boy and 2 girls.


51 (25B 26 G) primary eight (8) candidates sat for south Sudan primary leaving examinations and 36 children (11 B & 25 G) have so far turned up with their results for secondary school education enrollment. All the 36 children passed to join secondary education.


12 senior four candidates sat for Certificate of Secondary Education by the South Sudan National Examination Council – 5 were boys and 7 girls completed but have not yet turn up with their results.


In general, 675 children passed their final term examinations and were promoted to the next class.